Define the Term Marketing

Define the Term Marketing

Right now, marketing is available in a wide variety of colours and flavours. Thus, the definition of it also comes in different kind of meaning because today’s many marketers define what are they doing in different way according through their passions and personality. Therefore, below is several kinds of define the term marketing according to different marketers: 

The first define the term marketing is coming from American Marketing Association or in short AMA. They define marketing as a cluster of activities, a bunch of institution, and all kind of processes of  making, advertising, distributing and exchanging offerings that valuable for customers, clients, partners, and overall society at a big scale. The second definition of marketing is by Dr. Philip Kotler. He explains marketing is a science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the requirement of the targeted market that could be profitable. Furthermore, he classified marketing as unfulfilled want and wish. It indicates, the average of quantified measurement of classified market along with the potential profit. It also shows which part of the company that is able to give the best serving and advertising the most proper products and services. 

Another define the term marketing is coming from Mary Ellen Bianco, the Director of marketing and communication of Gletzer Henrich and associates LLC. She concludes that marketing is a research, aiming, and advertising through both advertising and direct mail and often in the  form of public relations. Marketing is a way to sell products to its targeted customers. Furthermore, Marjorie Calyman, the Director of Client Development of Clayman Advertising, Inc. Defines that marketing is a method for building your brand which is including persuade people that your brand (including products and services) is the best brand that exists and also a method of how to maintain your relationship that has been built between you and your clients. 

The next define the term marketing or definition of marketing is by Andrew Cohen, the president of the A team. He states that marketing is activities that is required to meet the needs and desires of the consumers. It indicates that marketing is an act where the producers do whatever it takes to fulfil the demands and needs of its customers. 

All in all, nowadays, the definition of marketing is so broad because everyone has definition regarding the things that they are doing, especially in the marketing fields. Thus, the variety of the meaning of marketing is closely related to the knowledge and experiences of each person.