Retails Online Shopping Sites that Turn Into Online Store

Retails Online Shopping Sites that Turn Into Online Store

Retail online shopping sites, what is the best among them? Many sites and e-commerce platforms can be used out there. To buy their products, you only need to visit the official website or download the app. Then, you can just go shopping as you want. Some of the sites are originally made as e-commerce. Meanwhile, some others are actually offline retailers that are turned their functions to online stores. So, what are those retails? Here is the list.


On the rank, Walmart is probably still below other big e-commerce sites like Amazon. But among retailers, Walmart is definitely the number one. Yes, it is proven from the traffic share that is quite high. Before it is popular as an online store, Walmart has been a recommended retail. It provides you many daily needs starting from foods, clothes, to electronic devices. You can automatically checkout using some finance platforms like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.


Right under Walmart, there is Ebay with a traffic share of 23.7%. The retail was established and developed by Thomson Reuters. The products sold are quite similar to Walmart. Yes, there are many things available at good prices. Customers’ services are just good and satisfying. So, if you have problems during your shopping time, you can make complaints to get responses faster.


Aliexpress is the next retail brand to choose from buying various products. In the US, the average monthly traffic is up to 43.3 million with a traffic share of 1.3%. To compete well with other retails, this site often gives promotions like discounts and free shipping. It is reasonable if in the future, Aliexpress may have more traffic than how it is now.


Compared to other names mentioned above, Target is probably not really popular. However, it looks like the traffic of this site is significantly increased recently. Yes, as long as it can provide you qualified products in a large number, it just improves customers’ interest in it. Moreover, Target also often gives promotions including vouchers, coupons, and discounts. Technically, there are many repairs here and there to make your shopping experience here more convenient.


The last of the list is Sears. Well, the concept is not so much different from other online sites mentioned above. Meanwhile, the interface is also intuitive as well as it has an easy navigation system. Although it is previously targeting only young people, currently, the customers are increased even in the realm of adults.