Tricky Steps on How to Get a Free Game on PS4

PlayStation or people know it as PS, will always be a favorite for those who love games. PS keeps on developing and now in this year PS4 is available. The main difference from PS4 compared to the generation before is the games. People use to buy the disk to play on PS, but now the games are sold online. Most of their games are also rare, so it is quite expensive. Now, the question is, how to get a free game on PS4 and is it possible?

Well, there is nothing that is impossible including in getting free games for the PS4. The steps on how to get a free game on PS4 is easy and simple. Although not all games are available, at least people can enjoy some free games on PS4. And don’t worry the quality of the game is as good as buying them. Here are some steps to get games for your PS4 by PC:

1. Download PlayStation Store

The first simple thing that people must do to get a free game is download PlayStation application. There are many games available in this application, many are expensive but there are some free. The easiest way to get a free game is by downloading the free category game available in this store. The games are limited, but who doesn’t like anything for free right? There are plenty of games you can play before you get bored. 

2.     Change the Language 

This is a tricky way to get free games that are not free. First, change the language of the setting, usually, the setting is English (United States). You can change the language into any other language you like. Just Make sure you understand it for the next steps. Next, download any random game from the free category. It doesn’t have to be the game you like. 

3.     Choose the Game you Want

If the random has been downloaded, go the main page of the store. Then search and type the actual game that you are willing to download. Click the game and add the game into the cart. Don’t forget to click on continue shopping. Next, cancel the first game that you have downloaded before. Don’t worry this is just a part of how to get a free game on PS4

4.     Download Game from Free Category

It might seem weird but download another game from the free category. While waiting for the game, go back to the language system and change it back to the normal language. Then go back to your cart and see the game inside the cart. Now, this is the tricky part of the step. Go in between the game picture and the x or cancel button. Spam between those two and click them a few times, if it goes right it should glitch. 

5.     Download Your Chosen Game

A notify will show saying in the cart, then click that. Don’t forget to check out from the cart too. Next, press x and o repeatedly, until a few minutes. When it is a success, it will go back to the checkout point again. At this point, you will just need to download the game that you have chosen. It is easy as that.

The steps on how to get a free game on PS4 can be a bit confusing. Therefore, to make sure you must try it out for yourself. At first, it is hard, but when your success once, you will surely be doing it again. Try it out and have played free games.