Positive College Orientation Ideas

Orientation is an activity for new students in College. People must know that college life is different from high school. Therefore, orientation is to introduce College life to new students. With positive college orientation ideas, students can learn many things from the activity.

The main purpose of orientation is to help the new student to adapt to the new environment. Also, it will make students learn about academic facilities around them. However, these days some orientation activities are made in violence and bullying. The campus must also supervise these activities. To avoid it, these are some college orientation ideas to help manage a positive vibe.

 1.Getting to Know Juniors

People usually know orientation as a bullying moment from seniors to juniors. Well, this kind of idea is not right and should be erased. Rather than doing negative things, why not get to know each other more. Try to create a group for the new juniors with seniors. Each group consists of a few new students and two seniors. Here, the seniors should help serves the juniors. They can serve them with information and help in adapting during orientation time. They could learn not only college life but also subject theories as well. This positive activity will help accelerate new kids in adapting to the environment.

2.Welcome Party

Want to make a fun orientation? Try making a welcome party for the whole department. Thus, to make it more fun, use a fun theme in it. Do some creative activities such as playing games and music. Make sure that everyone can play, both the senior and junior. For closing, add some rewards for the winners. And also funny punishment just to make it more fun. 

3.Sport Match 

Sports matches could be a relaxing fun idea for orientation. A friendly match between everyone in the department will be fun. The match can be soccer, basketball or even tug of war. Mix up the team, so that everyone can work together. These activities will make everyone in the department interact with each other. 

4. Hosting a Picnic 

After some campus tours, make a picnic at the campus garden. Anyone can host the picnic, including the senior. The juniors can help too for the supporting. The seniors could also invite the juniors on serving the meal together. The lecturers could sing songs and the staff joins in as well. By just holding a picnic, everyone can have a warm chat. This college orientation ideas are worth a try and it is cheap. 

5. Social Activities

This activity is a great idea for orientation for all segments. Both can serve society and communities around the campus. This will help students know the community around them. But at the same time, students can help other people. 

College orientation ideas aren’t only for juniors in the beginning. But they can be useful for other people too, including elements of the campus. Make sure to make the orientation positive and useful for other people. Remember the purpose of the orientation, so you can make a great activity. 


Tricky Steps on How to Get a Free Game on PS4

PlayStation or people know it as PS, will always be a favorite for those who love games. PS keeps on developing and now in this year PS4 is available. The main difference from PS4 compared to the generation before is the games. People use to buy the disk to play on PS, but now the games are sold online. Most of their games are also rare, so it is quite expensive. Now, the question is, how to get a free game on PS4 and is it possible?

Well, there is nothing that is impossible including in getting free games for the PS4. The steps on how to get a free game on PS4 is easy and simple. Although not all games are available, at least people can enjoy some free games on PS4. And don’t worry the quality of the game is as good as buying them. Here are some steps to get games for your PS4 by PC:

1. Download PlayStation Store

The first simple thing that people must do to get a free game is download PlayStation application. There are many games available in this application, many are expensive but there are some free. The easiest way to get a free game is by downloading the free category game available in this store. The games are limited, but who doesn’t like anything for free right? There are plenty of games you can play before you get bored. 

2.     Change the Language 

This is a tricky way to get free games that are not free. First, change the language of the setting, usually, the setting is English (United States). You can change the language into any other language you like. Just Make sure you understand it for the next steps. Next, download any random game from the free category. It doesn’t have to be the game you like. 

3.     Choose the Game you Want

If the random has been downloaded, go the main page of the store. Then search and type the actual game that you are willing to download. Click the game and add the game into the cart. Don’t forget to click on continue shopping. Next, cancel the first game that you have downloaded before. Don’t worry this is just a part of how to get a free game on PS4

4.     Download Game from Free Category

It might seem weird but download another game from the free category. While waiting for the game, go back to the language system and change it back to the normal language. Then go back to your cart and see the game inside the cart. Now, this is the tricky part of the step. Go in between the game picture and the x or cancel button. Spam between those two and click them a few times, if it goes right it should glitch. 

5.     Download Your Chosen Game

A notify will show saying in the cart, then click that. Don’t forget to check out from the cart too. Next, press x and o repeatedly, until a few minutes. When it is a success, it will go back to the checkout point again. At this point, you will just need to download the game that you have chosen. It is easy as that.

The steps on how to get a free game on PS4 can be a bit confusing. Therefore, to make sure you must try it out for yourself. At first, it is hard, but when your success once, you will surely be doing it again. Try it out and have played free games.

Retails Online Shopping Sites that Turn Into Online Store

Retails Online Shopping Sites that Turn Into Online Store

Retail online shopping sites, what is the best among them? Many sites and e-commerce platforms can be used out there. To buy their products, you only need to visit the official website or download the app. Then, you can just go shopping as you want. Some of the sites are originally made as e-commerce. Meanwhile, some others are actually offline retailers that are turned their functions to online stores. So, what are those retails? Here is the list.


On the rank, Walmart is probably still below other big e-commerce sites like Amazon. But among retailers, Walmart is definitely the number one. Yes, it is proven from the traffic share that is quite high. Before it is popular as an online store, Walmart has been a recommended retail. It provides you many daily needs starting from foods, clothes, to electronic devices. You can automatically checkout using some finance platforms like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.


Right under Walmart, there is Ebay with a traffic share of 23.7%. The retail was established and developed by Thomson Reuters. The products sold are quite similar to Walmart. Yes, there are many things available at good prices. Customers’ services are just good and satisfying. So, if you have problems during your shopping time, you can make complaints to get responses faster.


Aliexpress is the next retail brand to choose from buying various products. In the US, the average monthly traffic is up to 43.3 million with a traffic share of 1.3%. To compete well with other retails, this site often gives promotions like discounts and free shipping. It is reasonable if in the future, Aliexpress may have more traffic than how it is now.


Compared to other names mentioned above, Target is probably not really popular. However, it looks like the traffic of this site is significantly increased recently. Yes, as long as it can provide you qualified products in a large number, it just improves customers’ interest in it. Moreover, Target also often gives promotions including vouchers, coupons, and discounts. Technically, there are many repairs here and there to make your shopping experience here more convenient.


The last of the list is Sears. Well, the concept is not so much different from other online sites mentioned above. Meanwhile, the interface is also intuitive as well as it has an easy navigation system. Although it is previously targeting only young people, currently, the customers are increased even in the realm of adults.

new start up business ideas

New Start-Up Business Ideas – Top Picks for Young Entrepreneurs

Did you just graduated from college and want to start your own business? Well, that will be a great idea as a start-up business promises a bright future for young entrepreneurs. Additionally, with a lot of business ideas out there to execute, you can have plenty of options to choose from. To narrow down your choice, here is a list of the best new start-up business ideas that fit young entrepreneurs. 

#1. Ecommerce Store

The booming of internet technology and social media open wider opportunity for people to establish their own business, including e-commerce store. This is a good start-up idea that a young entrepreneur should try since the trend of online shopping is increasing over time. Thanks to online retail platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay that will allow you to sell your products in much easier and effective ways. In addition to the giant platforms, you can also create your own websites and blog. In this way, you can sell your products and offer your services directly to customers.

#2. Food Truck

If you love cooking and want to create a business, you might need to consider establishing a restaurant. Do not have a large number of financial sources to start the business? Well, you can consider having a more affordable business idea by creating a food truck restaurant. Studies reveal that the food truck industry had scored revenue of up to $2.7 billion in 2017. So, if you have the right vehicle, good cooking ability, and effective business strategy, this food truck restaurant can be a great option.

#3. Web Development

Software business idea is another promising start-up for young entrepreneurs. Today, you can also find that more and more web programmers tend to work by their own names and do freelance work. Additionally, the expansion possibilities you can do as a web programmer are also endless. If you have the skills and knowledge needed in this industry, considering the web development business can be an ideal option to take.

#4. Social Media Consultancy

Today, the internet has become a critical part of the marketing strategy. Instead of spending money on conventional marketing such as banners pamphlets, people tend to choose the internet for more practical and financial reasons. With the increasing demand of online marketing strategies, social media consultancy can be one of the best new start-up business ideas that you can try. Your job is to integrate current marketing platforms of business with social media platforms to gain more potential customers.

Top Five Business Ideas

Top Five Business Ideas

When we are talking about business, there must be some businesses that have high profits or the business has a lot of demands. In this modern day, the businesses are mostly related to internet because that is what most people need to do. Here, we are going to talk about the top 5 business ideas that you might consider to try : 

1. Making content 

We all can realise that nowadays social media has a great power especially in promoting and branding. The truth is, there are some people who do not really understand about content and its things. That is why sometimes they are looking for someone who offers this kind of service

2. Photographer 

Even though there is already a smartphone that has a good quality of the camera and also a lot of cameras to buy, but not all people are good at taking pictures. It can be seen from any special occasion like wedding, birthday party, graduation, or something like that. People mostly hire photographer to take their pictures 

3. Renting costume 

There will come a day when someone has to dress for the specific purpose but they do not have the dress and it is too expensive to buy. The fee to rent a costume is not cheap, but it is cheaper than buying the new costumes 

4. Design interior

Mostly young people are getting their own place nowadays, and they want a different style and design for their houses. The profit that will be gotten from this business is quite high because not everyone has this ability. That is why it is one of the top 5 business ideas

5. Social media’s admin 

There are already a lot of businesses that run through the internet, when it is big already the owner will hire some people to handle the account on social media. The truth is, most people nowadays are already able to operate social media, so it does not need the special skills to have this job.

Those are the top 5 business ideas that you might want to try, basically the business is the job that can be done anywhere and anytime. So it does not like people who work in the office that they need to go to the office from Sunday to Friday from eight to five, business is more flexible and we can adjust our schedules with the other activities.

Some Ideas to Start The Business

Some Ideas to Start The Business

Everything is started from a small thing, so does a business. The big brands nowadays were also small businesses at that time and it becomes bigger because of some factors. If you also want to make a big brand, you can try one of these small ideas business to start :

1. Daycare 

In this modern era, a lot of parents do not have time to take care of their children while they are working and at the same time they do not want to leave them alone in the house. You can start offering and telling about this business to your neighborhood, friends, and relatives. They might want to use this service, especially for those who are working and have children at the same time. 

2. Laundry 

If you are having a washing machine in your home, then do not only use it to wash your own clothes. You can use it for the laundry business, it is one of the small ideas business to start for those who do not have a lot of money to start the big one. Since nowadays a lot of people do not have enough time to wash their clothes because of the busy activities that they have

3. Private course

If you are a student in a university, you will probably be able to teach the students for elementary or high school. You can come to their houses or they can come to your house, step by step and day by day it will get a lot of students to join the course. If you already have a lot of students and you need more people to teach, you can offer it to your friends so sooner or later you will be able to build a building for your course

4. Selling breakfast 

People are sometimes too lazy to make their breakfast because sometimes they get up late and do not have time to make it. There are two options that you can do here, the first thing is you sell the simple breakfast and coffee in your place so they can go there, the second one is, you can deliver it to their places once they have ordered it the night before.

Those small ideas business to start that are explained above are able to open in your place, so you do not have to rent or buy new land to make one.

2 of the Best Sites for Today Education News in English

2 of the Best Sites for Today Education News in English

If you are looking for information in the form of today education news in English, you will easily find it on the internet or some social media that provides news portals on their social media platforms. Call it social media LINE. On LINE, they provide news for users to read on the LINE Today option. There you will find a variety of news that is tailored to the language in the region where you are, even if the news is outside of your area.

Then, how can you read today education news in English? The internet might be one way. However, back to the GPS problem. When you allow your browser to track your whereabouts, they will automatically offer you the news that is appropriate for your language and region only. This method, of course, you can outsmart by entering keywords through the search engine in the form of English, but this is a less effective step.

For this reason, so that you are not faced with these obstacles, you can just go directly to the news portal site so that you can read the news you want, especially in English, such as education news that is hot today in English. It would be nice if you visit 2 news portal sites which are now very well known for their credibility in presenting news topics that they present following their respective topics. The two news portals sites are the New York Times and Reuters.

They have been known as the best news media in history and their branches have spread almost all over the world. That way, they will certainly easily get the latest news from every corner of the world. And the reason why you are recommended to read news articles on 2 news portal sites, of course, they present their news in English. There is no other language they serve than English. English has become their standard language in presenting the news that they make. From there too, it’s no wonder that most of the journalist media sticks with their news to find out news that is beyond their reach.You can compare, the two media journalists will be updated in advance in a story than any other journalist media, especially if you compare it with the journalist media in your area. So those are 2 news site portals that are recommended for you to read today education news in English.

The Education News Online

The Education News Online

Sometimes we want to know what is going on in this world such as the things about education, we want to know things that are related to education. One of the ways that we can do is by reading all education news online. The writers who write this kind of article can get the information from a lot of resources and also they have done some researches before making it make sure that the information is valid and true, the things that are usually talked in this article are:

1.  The tips and trick to study

2.  The importance of education for young people

3.  An inspirational story from a specific student

4.  Some ways in the specific region to increase the quality of the education there

5.  The programs and strategies from the government to increase the education

6.  Some specific institutions that give the donation for people who are not able to afford the education

7.  Some ways to get educated

8.  Some stories from another country about their educational system

9.  The development of the education in the country

Basically, those are the things that are talked in all education news online, it is sometimes needed to read the news so we can know what will happen and what is going on and we can prepare to face it. There must be some new information that we have not known or gotten before then we will know after reading the news, that is why it is like adding the information to ourselves. It will also make us more aware of things that are related to education because if we read bad news, we will know the causes and factors of that bad thing happened, so we can make the anticipation before it happens to us in the futureAnother advantages that we can get from reading all education news online are, we will keep updated about the education things. The news is something that is written based on the fact, it is like we can also learn and get something for what has happened in the past. It does not take a lot of times to read the news since it only contains hundreds of words. It can be read while we are having lunch or breakfast, by reading the news we will also know the things outside without even seeing that thing.

Is Marketing an Industry

Is Marketing an Industry? – How Marketing and Industry Is Related

Speaking about industry and business, marketing is something that can’t be separated from the fields. However, there are many questions about whether marketing is included as an industry or not. But, is marketing an industry? Well, the answer can vary based on your understanding of marketing. Find out everything you need to know about marketing and its relation to the industry here.


Marketing practice was often seen as a creative industry in the past. It includes everything about selling, distribution, and advertising activities. However, as time passes, the way people view marketing practices also change. The academic studies have brought marketing into broader fields and make extensive use of mathematics, social science, sociology, economy, and more. In this way, today, marketing is not only seen as an industry but also science. The main goal of the marketing industry is to build good communication between what is offered by the companies and the customers. In this way professionals in the marketing industry play an important role to bridge the gap that exists between the company and clients. Most of the time, companies hire marketing consultants to get business advice to optimize their marketing strategies. They can also be hired to conduct sales and marketing research, sales forecasting, pricing new products, and more.

Types of Jobs in Marketing Industry

There are many types of jobs you can find in the marketing industry. They include marketing specialists, market research analysts, marketing managers, and more. Today’s technology makes it possible for professionals in the marketing industry to work on a full-time basis or in-home with companies. Marketing professionals can also opt to be independent consultants hired by companies. The professionals in the marketing industry also work closely in other business areas include advertising, media relations, promotions, management & development, public relations, and more. 

Types of Services in the Marketing Industry

Most of the time, marketing companies offer a variety of services to clients. Customers tend to pick up marketing agencies that come with various marketing communication services and full-service branding. There are many types of services you can find in the marketing industry include analytics. They are used to study data once the promotion campaign is completed. In this way, you can identify where improvements should be made. Some other services you can get from the marketing industry include brand development, consumer research, creative services, production services, and more. All of the services provided are aimed to help you establish strong connections with your customers. In this way, your marketing targets can be reached in more effective ways.

Define the Term Marketing

Define the Term Marketing

Right now, marketing is available in a wide variety of colours and flavours. Thus, the definition of it also comes in different kind of meaning because today’s many marketers define what are they doing in different way according through their passions and personality. Therefore, below is several kinds of define the term marketing according to different marketers: 

The first define the term marketing is coming from American Marketing Association or in short AMA. They define marketing as a cluster of activities, a bunch of institution, and all kind of processes of  making, advertising, distributing and exchanging offerings that valuable for customers, clients, partners, and overall society at a big scale. The second definition of marketing is by Dr. Philip Kotler. He explains marketing is a science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the requirement of the targeted market that could be profitable. Furthermore, he classified marketing as unfulfilled want and wish. It indicates, the average of quantified measurement of classified market along with the potential profit. It also shows which part of the company that is able to give the best serving and advertising the most proper products and services. 

Another define the term marketing is coming from Mary Ellen Bianco, the Director of marketing and communication of Gletzer Henrich and associates LLC. She concludes that marketing is a research, aiming, and advertising through both advertising and direct mail and often in the  form of public relations. Marketing is a way to sell products to its targeted customers. Furthermore, Marjorie Calyman, the Director of Client Development of Clayman Advertising, Inc. Defines that marketing is a method for building your brand which is including persuade people that your brand (including products and services) is the best brand that exists and also a method of how to maintain your relationship that has been built between you and your clients. 

The next define the term marketing or definition of marketing is by Andrew Cohen, the president of the A team. He states that marketing is activities that is required to meet the needs and desires of the consumers. It indicates that marketing is an act where the producers do whatever it takes to fulfil the demands and needs of its customers. 

All in all, nowadays, the definition of marketing is so broad because everyone has definition regarding the things that they are doing, especially in the marketing fields. Thus, the variety of the meaning of marketing is closely related to the knowledge and experiences of each person.